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Given your intention to create impactful presentations and PowerPoints that share your voice and your message, consider checking out my book COMMAND THE STAGE.

I wrote it for people who really want to get their ideas across to the groups they speak to. It will help you get in front of people more easily so you can be more effective when you're there. Learn how to prepare like a Pro.

Find it on your country's Amazon in print
and ebook format.

2 World Champions of Public Speaking and
3 Past Presidents of National and International Speaking Organizations!

"I started reading your book this afternoon and I didn't want to put it down! By the end of the day I had my paper and pen in hand and I'm 'mapping' out my next speech as I'm reading - it got me excited!"  

 Laurie Vance, MSW, RSW, Certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide

"This is an EXCELLENT guide to speaking and commanding the stage even with notes!! The layout is great and the concepts are amazing. I want to give this to every new Toastmaster who is fearful. Deanna's instructions will make the most unsure speaker become certain and will take experienced speakers to another level. Thank you for this BOOK!!!!!"     

V.Ford Professional Speaker and Author

(no relation to me though we have the same last name!)

"How would you like to always feel comfortable, confident, and competent onstage? Whether you're speaking to 1 or 1,000, Deanna Ford's book, Command the Stage, will help you deliver polished presentations that touch lives and propel you past your goals."
Craig Valentine
World Champion of Public Speaking
Founder, Speak and Prosper Academy

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