Enrollment ends in:

Stop the overwhelm - confusion - and grief

Finally learn how to create your training videos
with the tools and equipment you have access to
in the:

WORKSHOP RUNS: April 5 to 16


....even if you have a low budget and have never done it before!

FIVE 45-60 minute Live Training Workshop Lessons
where you will learn how to :

Step 1. Plan and script your video lesson
Step 2. Prepare your video technology
Step 3. Prepare for your recording session
Step 4. Shoot your video
Step 5. Edit your video


Q & A after each lesson
35+ Page Workbook
Tracking tool
Lots of interaction with instructor
Private FaceBook Group
Recordings will be available
following each lesson

The Challenge:

Create a new video by the end of the workshop with your new (or improved) skills!

What to expect in this training:

Training sessions will happen at 10:30 am Eastern Daylight savings time (GMT -4) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the first week. Then continue on the following Monday and Wednesday.

April 5, 7, 9, 12, 14 in North America time

There is a day in between each training session to give you time to work on your project. 

Training sessions are also being done with a day in between them so that if you are not able to attend the live training, you will still have time to listen to the recording and work on the homework assignment before the next session.

The training sessions will be interactive and hands-on.

The workshop will actually last 14 days so that after the last session, if you need or want a bit more time to complete your new video and you still have questions, I will still be available to answer them.

FINALLY, as a participant in this workshop, you are a BETA Tester of this Pilot workshop and as such, you will have a lot of access to me in the live trainings and the Facebook group. As well, I will be looking for your feedback and questions. You will have input in this course and in your learning.

WORKSHOP: April 5 to 16

Did you know?

There is actually “no one size fits all” way to create training videos.

That's because of all the advances in technology today, combined with the vast array of topics that you could teach. AND that’s good and bad.

Good because there are lots of ways to do it. 

Bad because you can “swim” in all the options.

AND you are an individual
and your situation is unique.

BUT you don’t have to go it alone.

I’ll be your guide and together we will navigate the process of:

    1.  presenting your material;

    2.  recording it; and

    3.  editing it.

Join me on a journey of discovery and learning.

Together we’ll walk through the video creation process. At each step I’ll share strategies to help you express your unique voice and knowledge.

We'll brainstorm solutions and approaches to figure out what you need to do to create your project.

It’s fun exploring the options because today there’s no cookie-cutter approach to video creation.

In this workshop, you’ll discover what unique way works for you and your topic in your unique situation and style.

In two weeks, I feel positive that you will be brimming with ideas for bringing more of your training ideas to life in video.

This workshop and challenge IS FOR YOU if you...

Are new to video creation, don't know where to start but want to learn it
Don't understand how to record your content to a camera
Are frustrated trying to figure out video technology
Are camera shy but want to get over it
Don't understand how to edit a video
Aren't comfortable to just "wing it" in front of a camera
Want to create a video or many videos for posting online
Want to have some fun trying video creation
Have time and will commit to learning for the 10-14 days of the workshop

This workshop and challenge is NOT for you if you...

Already feel very confident creating video lessons
Don't really have time to invest in this project
Don't really want to create an online course or YouTube channel
Don't want to or can't commit to learning and trying this for the 10-14 days of the workshop
Are not interested in having some fun with video creation


Has an online course with 30 training videos about how to sound professional teaching online.

Is a documentary filmmaker. Her 26-minute film screened in a Toronto film festival. She's also made many other shorts and edited other people's fiction and non-fiction works.

Is an award-winning musician and speaker who’s been in front of audiences hundreds of times as a presenter as well as a competitor.

Is the author of the book “Command the Stage” which helps people prepare when they have to speak in public.

Has a Bachelor of Music degree (trumpet) and a Masters of Environmental Studies degree (video advocacy). Also served in the military for 25 years and has her Distinguished Toastmaster award.

Really enjoys public speaking, creating videos and teaching.

Is really patient and aims to gently help you learn.

And LOVES having fun and can't wait to get started working with you and this super topic of video creation because...

PLUS:  Believes you have a message
of great value to share with the world.


people are waiting to learn from you.

Deanna "in action" in her online course,
"How to Sound Professional Teaching Online"

For the workshop, I'll mostly be here but hopefully with a less funny looking face:

What people have said about learning from Deanna
in her other courses, workshops and training sessions:

"I don't usually do videos, because I'm both camera shy and a little self conscious of my tech-skills, but things might actually change after this course. I've enjoyed its content, beautifully delivered by an experienced speaker with a warm, personable touch.”
Maria Marino

“I really enjoyed the course. It was very informative.  The topics covered were well thought out and professionally delivered.  I'm all the more wiser of matters 'gain' :).  All in all...I LOVED the course.”
Lilly M.

“It was a great presentation filled with wonderful knowledge for all types of speeches."
Shawnassie-Lynn Galesloot-Bourgoin

Thank you. It was an incredible learning experience all around. And you really did create a nurturing and safe environment that promoted growth. I have very fond memories of the entire experience.”


& Challenge

April 5 to 16

Here's what you get:

FIVE 45-60 minute LIVE training lessons

Q&A after each lesson

35+ Page Workbook


Tracking Tool

Lots of interaction with the instructor

Private Facebook Group

Access to recordings of the lessons

As a BETA Student
in this Pilot Workshop:

You will have a lot of access to me in the live trainings and the Facebook group.

I'll be looking for your feedback and questions.

There is so much material I could cover BUT I want to be sure to cover what you need. So, you will be able to have input in the workshop.



What's a Pilot course and a Beta participant?

A Pilot courses is a course that is being offered for the first time by an instructor. It doesn't mean the instructor hasn't taught some or all of these subjects before. It may just mean they haven't been offered in this configuration before. It can also mean that the course may be altered slightly as the students offer feedback to the instructor. Often there is more contact with the instructor than courses that have been run a few times.

A Beta participant is a person who is in the first offering of a new course. Often, and in this case, the instructor will be seeking the participant's feedback and questions to ensure the necessary topics or aspects of the topics are covered. Often it's been a while since the instructor was very new at the skill(s) and so doesn't completely remember what the difficult tasks were. Beta participants have the opportunity to interact with the instructor in Pilot courses more than in courses which have run a few or many times already. Beta participants get to help set the direction of a course.

Will there be an assignment or project to do?

The goal of this workshop is for you to go step-by-step through the video creation process and apply the lessons learned from the online sessions and create a training video of your own. A suggested time for the training video that participants will create is 5 minutes.

What if I don't have an idea for a video lesson to create?

We will be talking about ideas and brainstorming possibilities to help you zero in on one idea. For this workshop you really could pick any idea to teach in this video in order to just learn the process. Then apply your new skills to creating videos for your real course idea later.

What equipment will I need to have?

Bare basics: You need something that will record video and audio and something to edit it on. This topic will be covered in one of the live training sessions.

To be more specific:

For recording video and audio: a laptop or desktop computer with a camera OR a fairly current cell phone. You could also use an iPad or a digital video camera or DSLR camera that records video. NOTE: You do not need all of these. However, the item you use must also have a microphone or you need some other way to record the audio. It is usually best if the audio is recorded by the same device that is recording the video.

For editing the project: a computer (laptop or desktop), iPad, or cellphone. My top suggestion is to edit on a computer but there are mobile editing apps now, too.

Ideally you want to use the best equipment you can. BUT the ultimate quality of a finished video project is not determined by the equipment alone. Many more factors will affect the final quality. In other words, great equipment doesn't guarantee a great video. We will talk about this in the workshop.

In the end, most current devices from the past few years will work and the goal of this workshop is to learn the skills of video creation. You can always upgrade the equipment afterwards. (I use a 2014 MacBookPro and various cameras.)

How many hours will this course take?

Each of the 5 training sessions will be at least 45 minutes long but will likely run longer with Q&A. The suggested goal for each participant is to create one training video on a topic of your choosing. The learning sessions will introduce and walk through the steps to do this. There will be homework to do between each session. The time to do it will be different for each person depending on your background and unique situation. It may also be that some people's projects don't exactly follow the timeline of the workshop but evolve at their own pace. This is okay.

How do I get into the FaceBook group?

You will receive an invitation to join the group after you enroll in the workshop.

What if I can’t attend the live training?

Participants are encouraged to make every effort to attend the live training so that they benefit from direct interaction with the instructor and other participants. But don't worry! If you can't make the live training for some reason, recordings will be made available as soon as they are processed and uploaded to the course site.

How can I ask the instructor a question?

There are several ways to ask questions: 

1. Each live training session will be interactive, so you're welcome to ask questions throughout.  We'll also have a question and answer time at the end.

2. Questions can be submitted ahead of the live training and will be answered there. It is requested that questions submitted ahead of the training be sent 2 hours before the next live training.

3. Between live training sessions, questions can be posted in the Facebook group where I will be available for answering them. It's likely there will be similar questions that pop up for other participants. By posting them in the FaceBook Group, everyone who has the same question will be able to benefit from seeing the answer there.

Will this workshop teach where to put videos online?

While this topic will likely come up in passing, it will not be included in the main focus of this training. If enough people are interested in learning more about where to put videos online, it could be addressed in another training course.

Will this workshop teach how to fully create an online course?

While this topic will likely come up in passing, it will not be a main focus of this training. If enough people are interested in learning more about how to fully design and create an online course, it could be addressed in another training course.

Is there a payment plan?

No, because the course is only 14 days in length.

What if I want a refund?

As this is a hands-on workshop, refunds will only be granted after the first or second live training sessions. The window for requesting a refund closes with the third live training session. With that session, no other refunds will be granted.

If you have any issues or questions about this, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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