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Deanna Ford

Author & Speaker

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What people have to say about Deanna:

“It was a great presentation filled with wonderful knowledge for
all types of speeches.”

  Shawnassie-Lynn Galesloot-Bourgoin
Life & Business Strategist and CEO and Founder of Loving Her Life



"Deanna's Speech presentation for my grade 3/4 class was wonderful. She hooked the students right away by explaining what speeches are and how everyone can do them. She gave them ideas of speeches and also how to organize and prepare for a speech. The students really responded well and her time in our classroom definitely helped diminish any stress or anxiety the students had towards their first speech. After her presentation, the students couldn't wait to get started on their own speeches!"

Kathleen Mercier
École Gron Morgan Public School

“Thank you. It was an incredible learning experience all around.
And you really did create a nurturing and
safe environment that promoted growth. I have very fond memories of the entire experience.”

Shannon Harju, former speaking student



Deanna is one of the most engaging speakers to stand in front of my class. To my delight, she quickly captivated the attention of all 25 students. (with varying degrees of learning styles and needs). She has a cheerful disposition and showed genuine interest in our classroom assignment which was preparing for our speech competition. Deanna is a positive professional with great energy who was able to make personal connections with individual students and contributed to the overall classroom dynamics. Her visit was memorable as expressed by a grade 4 student who said “Oh I remember Deanna really well, she was the master speech teacher and a master judge! I really like her."

With gratitude

Ms. Petrone
École Gron Morgan Public School



What people have to say about Deanna as a presenter about bird-window collisions:

“Wonderful & passionate presenter!  Very eye opening, informative & interactive.  Deanna was a joy to listen to and was able to bring hope and humour into a very sad topic [Bird-window collisions].”  

Jennifer Hyytiainen
Community Program Developer City of Thunder Bay.

"Deanna's presentation on Bird-window collisions was engaging and inspiring. Rarely have I learned about such devastation of the natural world by humans and emerged so full of hope. Let other environmental activists take a page from this eco-optimist's book!" 

Emesha Boyko

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