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Command the Stage helps you:

  • Deal with nerves
  • Organize your thoughts
  • Learn your material more easily
  • Develop your delivery skills
  • Identify critical pre-event considerations
  • Present with or without notes

What Patricia Fripp and Craig Valentine have to say about Command the Stage:

"Command the Stage is packed with practical advice, which is easy to implement with your very next speech. You are smart enough to realize good speaking skills will advance your career. This advice will help." Patricia Fripp,  CSP, CPAE, Past President, National Speakers Association

"How would you like to always feel comfortable, confident, and competent onstage? Whether you're speaking to 1 or 1,000, Deanna Ford's book, Command the Stage, will help you deliver polished presentations that touch lives and propel you past your goals." Craig Valentine, World Champion of Public Speaking & Founder, Speak and Prosper Academy

Command the Stage demystifies the behind-the-scenes process successful speakers use before stepping out in front of an audience. This easy-to-read book walks you through speech development all the way to delivery, providing strategies along the way. It’s your practical guide, whether you are delivering a safety briefing, a wedding toast, presenting at a community meeting, or headlining the annual company dinner.