Are you struggling to record your course content?
Not sure about microphones?  Afraid of the camera?
Wondering how you sound when you speak and how to sound good?

How to Sound Professional Teaching Online

....has you covered.

Grow your speaking skills....Grow your technical skills.....

And, record your course!

Content alone isn't enough.

Your delivery matters immensely and so do the technical aspects of your audio.

Learn how to deliver your content well and set your microphone up properly so you have the knowledge and confidence you need to move forward.


Module 1 - speak with clarity

How to Speak with Clarity

Module 2 - Speak to engage (part 1)

How to Speak in an Engaging Way

Being a successful presenter requires you to connect with your audience. When you’re presenting online, your voice is at centre stage. It's your main method for conveying your content. It’s crucial that your spoken delivery is easy to follow and creates interest and engagement in your student.

Module 3 - Speak to engage (part 2)

How to Bring Your Best Self Online!

Module 4 - speak through technology

How to Use Technology to Speak Online


Kindle Ebook copy of Deanna's book:

Command the Stage is a practical and unique step-by-step guide that walks you through the speech preparation process that successful speakers use to confidently go from blank page to the stage.

 *** You will find many strategies that easily crossover
to online presenting! ***

Endorsed by:
2 World Champions of Public Speaking and
3 Past Presidents of National and International Speaking Organizations!

"How would you like to always feel comfortable, confident, and competent onstage? Whether you're speaking to 1 or 1,000, Deanna Ford's book, Command the Stage, will help you deliver polished presentations that touch lives and propel you past your goals." 

Craig Valentine, World Champion of Public Speaking, Founder, Speak and Prosper Academy

Janina Schick

Highly recommend the course!

I took Deanna's course and really enjoyed it! It is very easy to follow and I got a lot of ideas, insights and tips on how to speak and articulate better. I absolutely love that she added additional information on how to use technology! This course highly motivated me to get started with my own online course! Thank you Deanna!

Yoni Ejo

Incredibly helpful.

"I have found this course incredibly helpful. I was finding recording video a real block to moving on with my course development. This course Deanna has put together has answered a lot of my questions and I think will give me much more confidence in filming. Thank you."

About Your Instructor

Deanna Ford is an award-winning speaker and musician. She is also an author and an online course creator. She shares knowledge, skills and strategies she’s gained from over 30 years of experience in preparing for and stepping in front of hundreds audiences in very diverse situations as both a speaker and a musician.

Noted for her engaging style of speaking and stage presence, Deanna has also been complimented on her clear and easy-to-understand way of talking. One fellow shared that she was the only one of 10 speech competitors who he could fully understand.

Experienced in video creation, Deanna created a 26 minute documentary film about birds that was selected to screen in the Planet in Focus Film Festival in Toronto, Canada.

Deanna is the author of the book "Command the Stage: A Speaker's Guide to Using Notes Strategically to Develop and Deliver Better Speeches" which has been endorsed by 2 World Champions of Public Speaking and 3 Past Presidents of national and international speaking organizations.

Deanna is a past instructor of New Directions Speakers’ School (NDSS) where she designed and taught three 14-week public speaking courses. She is a long-time member of Toastmasters International and holds the level "Advanced Communicator Gold," the highest level of communication awards possible.

Deanna loves helping people gain the skills to express themselves. She believes your voice matters and the world needs to hear your messages!

Here's What Others Are Saying About the Course

Maria Marino

Perfect for people like me

"I don't usually do videos, because I'm both camera shy and a little self conscious of my tech-skills, but things might actually change after this course. I've enjoyed its content, beautifully delivered by an experienced speaker with a warm, personable touch.

Well done, Deanna!"

Anne Grydehøj

Excellent course!

"This course is full of good tips. It made me consider things that I hadn’t thought about before - as well as highlighted things that I might have known, but that are easy to forget in the recording process. I made loads of post-it notes as I went along which I will place around the place where I am recording so I don’t forget to keep these important things in mind. I’m sure my own recordings have benefited massively from me having done this course. Thank you so much for your insights, Deanna!"

Lina Juodelyte

Great course!

"Deanna provides a lot of tips and advice that I haven't heard anywhere else - it's been an interesting journey, still readjusting some things I've been doing wrong for a while!"

Wondering how to talk to your camera in a room ALL BY YOURSELF,
dealing with the microphone?
And actually sound good?
THIS course will help YOU with YOUR course so you can finally start
transforming lives...including your own!

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Designed specifically with Online Course Creators and Presenters in mind!  
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Lilly M.

Very informative course

I really enjoyed the course. It was very informative.  The topics covered were well thought out and professionally delivered.  I'm all the more wiser of matters 'gain' :).  All in all...I LOVED the course.

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