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Speech and Presentation Training Sessions

The Other Side of Nerves: Six Musician-influenced Strategies to Help the Nervous Speaker (45-60-minute training session)

Speaking in public is something anyone can do, even those dealing with nerves. Learn from a musician-turned-speaker who has shaken like a leaf in front of hundreds of people and survived! Get proven strategies to prepare and deliver your speech and start moving past your nerves.


Speech Notes: Horrible Hinderance OR Treasured Tool? (45-60-minute training session)

Whether delivering a speech or presentation (with or without notes), you really want to “nail” it. But most people use their speaking notes like someone using a rock to drive a nail! Your main “tool” can do so much more than simply be the words you’re going to say. This short session introduces strategies to use your "tools" better so you can really "nail" your speech! You’ll never think of notes the same way again.


Speaking in a Nutshell: You’re three steps to the stage (2-3 hour training session)

Presentations got you down? This session is packed with information about the key steps you need to take to prepare for your next speech or presentation. Covers the most important fundamentals.


Command the Stage (4+ hours training session--flexible)

Anytime your words matter, you’re on a “stage”. This session is a deep dive into speech and presentation preparation and delivery. A combination of all the short sessions and more, this session is based on Deanna’s book Command the Stage and covers in detail all the steps from first inspiration of a speech topic to the spotlights on the stage!

From blank page to the stage:

- Write (Craft the talk)
- Prepare (Hone it to own it)
- Scope out the scene (Pre-event considerations)


Custom (flexible content and time)

If you have a particular requirement, please connect with Deanna about the training that is the right fit for you and your organization.

What people are saying about Deanna:

"It was a great presentation filled with wonderful knowledge for all types of speeches."

Shawnassie-Lynn Galesloot-Bourgoin, Life & Business Strategist, CEO and Founder of Loving Her Life

“Wonderful & passionate presenter!  Very eye opening, informative & interactive.  Deanna was a joy to listen to and was able to bring hope and humour into a very sad topic.” 

Jennifer Hyytiainen, Community Program Developer City of Thunder Bay

Deanna shares experience, strategies and ideas from her very diverse background!